Hoisting for Storage

Posted by Mac on Nov 25, 2004

Well, the bottom just fell out of the thermometer here and I gotta start thinking about storing her away for the winter - sniff. I have a 12' ceiling in my garage, and would like to hoist my Ch18 like kayak as high as I can so I can build her little sister underneath. I've seen a million good pictures of racks and slings, but would like your thoughts on simply hoisting her up on pulleys attached to ropes through the grab handle holes in the end pours. We two-man carry our loaded yaks on portages using the grab handles with nary a creak or groan (at least from the boats). Does anyone see a problem with storing an empty boat this way for 5 months?

Have a great long weekend in the Land of the Free, and hoist a drumstick for ol' Mac.