Re: Retrofit of Dayhatch

Posted by Ed, NY on Nov 23, 2004

I built a Lt 17 and put in an extra bulkhead and a small hatch modeled after the flush hatches CLC sells. I built a recessed groove in the inboard end of the hatch cover that catches the lip and squeezes the gasket and used one of the little pivoting plywood latches to hole the outboard end tight. There is enough curve, even in the flat rear deck to slide a paddle under bungees and over the hatch without a problem. I can reach back and twist the latch open easily. Use a small cord glued underneath to keep the hatch lid from escaping.

I do get a little water in as the gasket is not compressed quite enough but anything that needs to be waterproof I put in zip lock bags anyway.

In Response to: Re: Retrofit of Dayhatch by Homer on Nov 18, 2004