Re: Float bag Quiz!

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Nov 22, 2004

Forgot to mention why I don't use float bags in my one bulkhead-less boat. The correct answer is in the list of possible answers below. See if you can guess it:

1. I kayak in high-heeled golf shoes and I fear puncturing the foward bag;

2. Like any dedicated sea captain, I prefer to go down with my ship if it sinks (or swamps, for that matter);

3. I'm cheaper than Scrooge's accountant, and choose to use empty juice bottles jammed and wired in the boat ends, instead of the designer float bags.

The prize will be my collection of epoxy hocky pucks extracted from the bottom of the yogurt containers I mix it in.

Good luck!

and Happy Thanksgiving! (belatedly, for the Canadians. I'm not sure what the Australians do by way of fall holidays, but since it's spring down there now, it doesn't matter).


In Response to: Float bags by RogerJ on Nov 22, 2004