Re: A case for a brace

Posted by Dick R on Nov 21, 2004

Good for you! This is what SEA kayaking is all about. If you go to sea, you likely must launch and land through surf. Lessons are definitely a good idea and there are good instructors in the Monterey (California) area. Check out the Western Sea Kayakers club on the web. They often go to play in the surf at Monterey. It is great because you can usually pick the size surf you want, moving up the coast to change exposure to the open ocean swells.

Beware of shoulder dislocations. HIGH brace means hands at shoulder height, no more, elbows in. Some folks recommend doing only low braces, at combing level just to be safe. Somehow that does not seem enough for breakers over your head; just be careful.

By the way, I've been dumped in some really big surf (8-10 feet) in my Ches-16, no worse for the experience after re-configuring the rudder mount.

In Response to: A case for a brace by Lloyd on Nov 19, 2004