Re: WR18 Deckbeam Locatio

Posted by Cliff Herring on Nov 20, 2004

Thanks, I searched the forum but couldn't find anyone else who mentioned it. Luckily, I glued in the deckbeam last night and was able to remove it this morning before it had cured, when I first noticed the coaming wouldn't line up. I'm going to move it aft far enough to support the coaming and reglue it.

I did see one earlier post where somebody mentioned the deckbeam at 105" - wondered if he meant 135" which is closer to what would work. My manual/drawing says 133".

Thanks for your quick answer. Very nice job on your boat. I like the colors. Hope you can paddle that shoulder back into shape.


In Response to: Re: WR18 Deckbeam Locatio by Dennis Rioux on Nov 20, 2004