Re: A case for a brace

Posted by Mac on Nov 20, 2004

"Why have I given up golf...."

Lloyd, how many war stories does golf give you! Sounds like you had a blast - got scars and scares, and can't wait to get back at it!

I turned 60 paddling this summer. All I gave up was an easy chair, so each and every little adventure is HUGE for me - and I'm totally addicted. If I don't get on the water at least twice a week, I go into withdrawl and approach something akin to PMS (according to my wife).

I know why folk up north keep building when the water freezes over. They don't NEED an armada of yayaks, but if you can't paddle - BUILD. I've said before that CLC should give away the first kit. "There ya go, kid - see ya soon!"

I look forward to your trip report when you whale spot. Are you going to make a Greenland paddle for the trip?

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