Re: Building from Plans..

Posted by jahrome on Nov 18, 2004

I'm in the Raleigh NC area. Boaters World carries MAS. West Marine is local as well and they were listed as a source for bronze nails. Home Depot and Lowes are just down the road for various asundries - brushes and gloves, etc...I'll pick something up there or at a lumberyard down the road for the sheer clamps.

I found a local supplier who normally has a $500 min for wood but sold me the Okoume BS1088 in the small quantities I needed. That saved me a small fortune in shipping and their prices on the wood were quite good.

If I could find the fiberglass it would be possible to do it all "brick n mortar" and I wouldn't have to use that newfangled telephone internet thing. :D

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