Re: Framing woods

Posted by Laszlo on Nov 18, 2004

There's a great little boatshop near me, only 20 minutes away. They sell all sorts of supplies, as well as kits for kayaks, plans, etc. OK, so I live a little outside of Annapolis :-)

Seriously, though, I've found 17 ft long moldings at Home Depot & Lowes that wer useable for rubrails and sheer clamps and needed no scarfing. There were also some minor hardware gimmicks like bronze snap swivels, some rope, and expendables like gloves, spreaders, rollers but everything else I either mail ordered or bought at CLC.

The so-called marine epoxies at the DIYs were way overpriced and of uncertain heritage. The fiberglass was in tiny, overpriced pieces, also of uncertain heritage. I didn't want to risk my boat on bogus materials, so I bough from reputable dealers.


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