Re: Framing woods

Posted by RogerJ on Nov 18, 2004

jahrome, I've off for a while so I'm not sure what "local" is for you. I got my okuome marine ply from Mac Beaths in Emeryville/ Berkeley CA. Some pieces of ash from a hardwoods specialty store. Pine and doug. fir from big box stores, but you spend a lot of time sorting through it to find "boat wood". In CA there is TAP Plastics, asource for fiberglass cloth and tape, a house brand of epoxies, tyvek suits, squee gees and all that. They are also on-line. I used West Systems epoxy for convience, the West Marine store is open 7 days a week. Have fun with your build, be carefull about altering plans...Xperience..RogerJ

In Response to: Framing woods by Mark Camp on Nov 18, 2004