Re: Big Issue Issue

Posted by Chris on Nov 18, 2004

Mac, I also have a shorty, but I don't wear it much anymore, as I inevitably find that as soon as I put it on, I have to pee every 10 minutes. I switched to just a wet suit top. Generally, I only worry about my torso, as that's the most critical. I'd like to get a set of shorts or pants to go with it. I wear a set of those thin silky synthetic polywhatever long johns underneath, (They are as thin and shiny (almost)as silk, but are quite warm and wick moisture away from the body, they also make getting in and out of wet suits a lot easier. Then I wear Micro fleece over that, and carry a complete change of clothes in my dry bag. I always wear a life jacket and don't paddle farther than I can swim to shore when it's cold. My husband has a dry suit, but rarely wears it as being all enclosed like that drives him absolutely batty. cj

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