no appology needed

Posted by Charlie Jones on Nov 18, 2004

two deckplates, one on each side of centerline in the after bulkhead. I'm planning to use the plastic screw ins, just like what goes in the forward bulkhead. Purchased- much neater than some thing I could make like that.

You could build a water tight opening in that bulkhead, but be sure its really water tight. That after chamber contributes a LOT to the floatation of the boat. Should the boat capzize it'll right full of water. You NEED that tank to keep her floating. In fact, I built another separate tank up in the bow jsut to add to the floataion, as we found that the boat couldn't be bailed without extra flotaiotn in the bow. Water came in faster than you could bail it out, over the fine bow. Here's a pic of that bow tank.

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