Opposite of my experience

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Nov 17, 2004


Your story is the exact opposite of my go with the rapids on the North Sasktachewan River back in 2002. If you recall, I got hung up on the rocks, too but ended up swimming a fight for my life, which I came within a split second of losing. The kayak, that got busted into 11 pieces, the largest of which were used to rebuild the kayak. I'm thrilled to hear that your story ended far better than mine. Backpaddling didn't help me because the current was several km/hr faster than my fastest forward speed.

Nice write up and hey, you've earned the right to elaborate from time to time, as the number of beers you consume dictates, of course, in conjunction with the guilibility of your audience.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: LONG Trip Report by Mac on Nov 17, 2004