Re: Big Issue Issue

Posted by Mac on Nov 17, 2004


For me it was the realization that the whole floor of the yak benefits from being glassed inside and out. I'm sure that if my cockpit had not been glassed, the combined weight of paddler, kayak and gear (well over 300 pounds) hitting those pointy rocks would have caused the plywood to stress inward creating a crack if not a breach. If the rocks had wound up fore or aft of my cockpit this may surely have happened as I had not glassed inside my hatches.

There are a lot of places to save weight. For me, as I will never attempt a cowboy reentry over the rear deck, I would sooner save weight topside and glass the inside of the bottom panels. (I'll probably do both).

I have rather large hatch openings, and I may try to add glass near the bulkheads and for at least 4 feet fore and aft. As long as it wets out well, I doubt if we have to add fill coats - thereby saving some weight.

I hope this clarifies my rambling somewhat.


In Response to: Re: LONG Trip Report by Mark Camp on Nov 17, 2004