Sharpie - baby steps

Posted by Mark Camp on Nov 17, 2004

I done a little more on the Sharpie. Doing the framing.

Sliding the transom reinforcement piece into place: a PERFECT fit with the sheer clamps(Patrick's response to that claim: 'Dad, actually, look, there's a gap right here') (see photo, or if I screwed that up again just picture a perfect piece of cabinetmaking in a gorgeous boat-abuilding)

It was one of those transcendental "I coulda been a carpenter" moments that only occur once or twice in a lifetime. OK, once.

Meanwhilst, a new "long-lead time item" in this project, due to this design decision: I think she will trim out better to leeward with reduced ballast.

I won't show photo of that yet as it's a work in progress, but I can give you one word of advice: stay away from the vanilla Protein Meal Replacement Shake. Stick to the chocolate.

(Sure, I know what you are thinking, 'wouldn't the vanilla shake be fine if you mixed in a banana and a few pickled jalapenos?' The answer to that is 'no, and your wife could have TOLD you that, stupid!'