Re: sheer clamp?

Posted by BobE on Nov 17, 2004

Pretty boat! Curious as to how you attached the deck to the hull. Looks as if you added extra height to the bow with the addition of a pair of (cheater?) panels in the forward most 3 feet or so. Seems I remember Kurt initially skipped the sheer clamps on his hybrid. Did either of you add something to the panels to increase the glue joint surface? Or do you rely on glass inside and/or outside the joint?

Understand the Artic Hawk uses a minimal sheer clamp, but I�ve not seen it or the AH instruction manual.

In Nick S.�s strip book he mentions using a Ches. like sheer clamp when the deck to hull joint is roughly a 90 degree angle � as in many hybrid setups.

I used a minimalist sheer clamp on my WR18, which saved weight without hampering a no-nails deck install. Now if only I could trim my own mid-section so easily�

Thanks for posting pictures!

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