Re: LONG Johns

Posted by Mac on Nov 17, 2004

Chris, thank's for the good wishes.

I only have a shorty wet suit which would probably be next to useless (might keep the torso warm). I wore 18" neoprene boots for getting in and out. As for the ol' bod, I was wearing wool long johns under nylon jogging rain pants, a wool shirt and R20 - rated PFD. After this experience, I'm gonna shop for a dry suit - or stay off the water. My biggest problem is that I tend to overheat very easily and perspire. If I dress appropriately, I turn into a portable sauna. I think hitting the water in that state would stop the ol' ticker for sure.

I have a lot of studying up to do to equip myself for the spring when the air is warm but the water is icey. (Kind of the reverse of now).

Any ideas?

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