Re: Arrrrrrrrg II

Posted by Jay E. Morris on Nov 16, 2004

Actually the problem is not the deck. I'm trying an experiment and that's working out OK. Not as well as I had hoped but working.

One problem I've fixed. The problem yet to fix is the foot braces. I did them using Kurt's method on his Mill Creek. (I put a link below in case you've never seen it.) When I got to the deck part, I wetted the inside of the bow section of the deck. Smeared the shears and such with dookie-schmutz. Started nailing the deck on when I said to myself "Wait a minute Self, shouldn't the foot baces be UNDER the bow deck?".

What Self replied is not repeatable in a forum where kids and the weak of heart may be reading.

So the plan is now is, after the deck is dry, stick my head in the cockpit and add another set. I won't try to remove the wrong ones, I'll just think up a really, really good for them being there.

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