Ok-so how do we fix this?

Posted by Howard on Nov 16, 2004


other than the obvious...it looks like you did a pretty nice job of putting the deck on.

so how much distance do you have to bridge in the cockpit....and if you fit your coaming cut out over the cockpit area...do we just have to bridge the gap..(fore/aft) or do we not have enough material to support the width of the cockpit coaming?

frankly...i think this is potentially a pretty easy fix...so not to worry. trust me...have seen much worse...like gluing your panels to one another or to the table...

so tell us more about the situation here and we will get you all fixed up...is there any other anomoly that is not obvious from the pictures?

(btw....when you finish this up...you are not only gonna have a great boat...but a great story to go with it as well.)


In Response to: Arrrrrrrrg II by Jay E. Morris on Nov 15, 2004