Re: How cold can you epox

Posted by Mark Camp on Nov 15, 2004

If resin gets cold enough it crystalizes, and has to be warmed up to dissolve the crystals.

I did epoxy last winter from 40 Fahrenheit on up. It just slows it down, no harm. Even with West fast hardener, 40 F is a little on the slow side if memory serves. I think I started letting the heater run the garage up close to 50.

Ensure the resin's warm before measuring. If cold, you pump air bubbles, and it is too viscous to work well, esp. in wetting glass.

There is a rule of thumb in chem that many reaction speeds tend to double with every 10 degree Celsius increase in temp. I think I remember reading that this works for epoxy, and it seems about right. So if you have a baseline in warm weather, you can estimate cure times for the same brew in cold.

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