Re: Arctic Hawk - Tips?

Posted by Vike on Nov 15, 2004

One thing that has really helped me is the construction of a big work table. I have an old un finished basement with two long rooms for a shop, perfect. I just hope that the window is big enough to get the hawk out, oh well I can always end up with a bigger window. I brough home two pallets from work, they are 4 feet wide by 8 feet. I covered each one with 1/4 inch underlayment ( also from work, I do commercial floor covering). I built one 4 x 8 table first to start the fiber glassing of panels and joined the two together for a 16 foot long bench, table for aligning and joining the panels together and start of the hull assemble. If you have the room make the tables, you have the room to fiber glass alot of area or parts at one time, this will help on not wasting glass and expoy. I know have the kayak on saw horses in one room and the bench in the other room. The bench is still perfect for laying out parts and glassing them, and just have stuff like tools and such laying on one end, parts below on a made shelf.

So there you have it, I think that this set up has really helped me with well glassed and aligned boat so far.

You can not have enough latex glues or containers to mix epoxy in. I use little plasic cups and pint deli containers for the epoxy mixing.

Utiliy knife blades make great little cabinet scrapers. But still get a bigger scapper of some sort. Scraping is the best step before sanding the epoxied surface and glass.

Hope that helps for starters Greg

In Response to: Arctic Hawk - Tips? by Howard on Nov 14, 2004