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Posted by Mac on Nov 15, 2004


Whew, when I first read your post I saw that Lee and I were making your WIFE miserable. That we would never wish to do, and I wondered why. We all look forward to shots of Leslie chasing down Big Al in her Cape Ann a la Kurt!

Then I found my glasses and saw that we were making YOUR life miserable. I felt much better, you potty mouth!

Yep, I agree it's time to dust off the MC's and stay dry - even in the south. (Just think, they got over 3 feet of wet snow in Terry's new paddling grounds in Nova Scotia - power could be out for a week in spots.)

It's supposed to be above freezing this afternoon and I hope for a paddle here on the mighty St. Lawrence.

"Mac", while I would love to claim magnificent association to some famous bloke, is simply short for Malcolm. Family called me Malc but being in Quebec, it made no sense to my French friends and it soon became Mac to those who knew me and Marc to those who overheard. (The French often don't emphasize the "r" in Marc and it saounds like Mac). I married Marjolaine Labarre 30 yrs ago and within her huge family, there are several Marc's. Life just got more confusing. So the French side of the family call me Malcolm.

Full circle.

Long ramble, who cares, and what the #$#%^% does this have to do with boats?


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