Posted by Kurt Maurer on Nov 14, 2004

Oh, shit. You guys are makin' my life miserable, y' know that? Damn you. Damn you all.

Sorry. Just checkin' to see how much cussin' I can get away with here on the board... heheheh.

Ennnnnyway... Mac, HOWDY!!! Yup, I'm still alive and kickin', and mighty happy to have you doin' th' job of keepin' things lively here in my protracted absence (hey, I'm just shocked somebody actually noticed). I know I said that hiring you was like losing three good hands, but I was only kidding... Make it two, and you now owe me a cold one.

LEE! Good to hear input from YOU, Dude. I know you saw my posts on the other board, yet all I got for my pains was... silence from the G-Man. Y' gotta speak up, bud, y' can't expect me to live on Dave Houser, Tony Calvert, KyleT, and the upstart MWagar, et al, forever! Yah, there are other important contributors here whom I fail to name (and I hope for forgiveness), but my mind escapes me now (as if that's anything unusual).

And geeeeeeeez... leave me here with MAC LLOYD GRUNDY?!?!?! May as well shoot me.

What does Mac stand for, anyway...? MacArthur, the lost son of the great(?) general? Machevllion for getting into kayak building in the first place? Macifrundifer, the common Scottish term for "low-life"? Or perhaps, named after Inspector McDonald, the young shining star at Scotland Yard who so solicitiously applied to Holme's obviously superior talents in the field of criminal detection as to inspire Dr Watson to utter the classic quote: "Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius"?

I vote for the latter. Mac, you kick butt.

Regards, Kurt

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