Re: 16lt or 17lt

Posted by Ken Leffert on Nov 14, 2004

Really depends on what kind of paddling you do....I WISH I was around 135, more like 180. I have a 17LT that is used only in calm or nearly calm water. I just do occasional short trips, no camping (yet). The tracking is awesome, infact I could live with much less tracking, but I sometimes feel that the 17LT is a bit high-volume for me, feel it is a little bit "bobbly" in larger that I mean it feels like it keeps too much of the boat above the surface of the water most of the time (keep in mind that I don't load anything of substantial weight in the boat, besides myself). Think of how a fishing bobber floats up and down with the waves, that's where I come up with the term "bobbly".

Figuring I would really like the ride of the boat if I had some more weight loaded, going to experiment with that one of these days, but I am also thinking my next boat will be a 16LT with a little taken off of the sides.....

Others out there please feel free to disagree with me, but I would think the 16LT would be the hands-down choice for a 135 lb. paddler, unless you hauled a lot besides just you......

What part of the country are you in? Maybe somebody would let you try their boat, there's probably no other way to know what you like best.

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