Five Stars!!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Nov 14, 2004

Mac Llyod, thanks for the report! I've been meaning to install perimeter lines on my Cormorant, since I have missed more than a few grabs at my boat due to lack thereof, while thrashing desperately about in the water, precariously teetering upon the verge of life or death...

Okay, so I was only rehearsing, but hey, if it had actually been SHOWTIME -- Well, I could have gotten poor reviews in the paper the next morning, that's all.

But now the water's cold, and I'm through being in it till next year (I won't stop paddling altogether, mind you; I'll just endeavor to stay really dry -- hel-lo Mill Creek!). I'm allergic to cold, you see. I die of hypothermia in less than 5 seconds from the slightest contact. What a weeeenie.

But by next season, whatever boat I'm in will have those life-saving lines. And I have no idea what that boat'll be, by the way, but it's likely to be a One Ocean Cape Ann Storm LT, or Expedition Sport. Or maybe even a hybrid, whereas it will have and Expedition Sport hull and a Storm LT deck. Or I may jus' say t'hell with it and build a classic Guillemot using my friend Tony's strongback and forms when he's done with his'n (he's finished stripping now).

Anyway, thanks again for the report.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Perimeter Line Installi by Mac on Nov 13, 2004