Perimeter Line Installi

Posted by Mac on Nov 13, 2004

Hi Folks,

I added perimeter line to my kayak yesterday afternoon, which I had purchased at my local outfitter for 99 cents a foot Cdn. (GULP). I had, with no luck, been in search of 1/4" black shock cord when I entered. When I mentioned what I wanted to use it for, the owner said that he was also out of shock cord for the season, but would I wish to look at the cord Seaward uses on their highend boats? "Sure", says I.

It was very soft and supple and had a braid of silver running through it. As my boat is wood over Cobalt blue and has black rigging, this fit pretty well, so I brought home 40 feet and threaded it on a la CLC catalogue photo - pretty.

I happened to go into the garage with a flashlight during a bit of a power outage last night and Bam! The rim of the kayak was George Bush senior's proverbial 1000 points of light! That silver strand was reflecting like tiny mirrors all around the edge of the boat!

I phoned the outfitter's today and the fellow told me that, yeah, it's a selling feature on the Seawards. In fact, when they were shooting evening scenes for their catalogue, Seaward had to re-rig the kayaks with straight black line. The silvered stuff was messing up the photos.

So, it's soft on cold wet hands, supple, and makes me more visible to power boat headlights after sundown. Guess I'm kinda glad Home Depot was out of bulk shock cord.

Now I'm off to permenantly mount my Suunto compass twixt chart bungees and hatch. I think I've come up with a neat way to create a conforming wood base - I'll let you know if it works.