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Posted by Don on Nov 13, 2004

On my last kayak I used white pigment mixed with the epoxy when I glassed and did the fill coats of my hull inside and out. I used systems three epoxy and pigment. If you use the highest ratio of pigment to epoxy that the manufacturer reccomends it comes out very white. I painted the outside of the hull white and am very pleased with the results. The scratches stay hidden until I feel like touching them up. My first kayak was all bright and the scratches on the hull really stuck out. The white inside of the cockpit and hatches is much brighter also. White paint hides most painting flaws really well. Usually after you apply your first coat of paint or varnish to the hull you can see the irregularities of your sanding and you probably will want to make it smoother. I have let the first coat dry good and then used a scrap peice of plywood 1/4"x2"x16" to do the finish sanding. It bends to the contour of the boat and takes down the high spots well.

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