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Posted by Chris on Nov 12, 2004

Thanks for all the good advice, and thanks to Terry for the brass rub strip tips.

Mac, I guess I've got a few paddling stories, the first involves my first seal launch. Using my PLASTIC kayak, I balance it precariously at the top of an embankment, rock outcrop, or set of stairs by the waters edge, and then with a great amount of hooting and hollering, kaboggan down it to enter the water with a great splash. (My husband and I took a white water introductory course while on vacation, and I picked up some bad habits from some of the more experienced yahoos.) It looks very impressive, as the Nose of the yak just keeps going down down down until the back end of the yak escapes terra nova, so you'r sometimes up to your chest in water before you pop back up. (good fitting skirt req'd.) There's a few more, but I'll them for later.


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