Hello Folks

Posted by Chris on Nov 11, 2004

Hello Folks,

Glad to see Kurt, Mac and Terry are still regulars around here, Had a great summer paddling, but alas, We've gotten snow, and I guess it's time to dust off the ski's and snowshoes. Anyway, a few questions for those smarter than me. #1 I got lots of dings and scratches on "Blazing Saddles" now, and have a revarnish question. I originally coated her, repeatedly, (shut it, Mac) with Epiphanes varnish, very good stuff, also very expensive stuff that I have to have shipped. Should I stick with the Epiphanes, or is there another brand I can use. I'm assuming I can just sand off the scratches and apply a couple more coats, I didn't intend to sand down to epoxy if I didn't have to, and was wondering about compatibility between different varnishes, #2, I guess I'll go with Terry's Brass rub strips, Can I just epoxy/screw those to the varnished finish (roughed up of course) or do I need to take it down to epoxy? Finally, I have one of those portable car ports, (Frame and tarp), that we have all our kayaks and canoes in, It'll keep the snow and sun off, but she'll get real cold, (remember, I'm a Canuck, Brass Monkeys are extinct up here), Is my wood boat OK? or should I move the hubby out to the garage so there's room in the bedroom for the boat?