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Posted by Dave Houser on Nov 2, 2004

I prefer the keyhole coaming to the small ocean coaming because it allows the butt first re-entry when doing the cowboy (scramble) self-rescue. It also makes for a quicker exit in the surf wash on the beach sand.

How far the coaming ears (knee hooks) need to extend into the opening depends on how high the deck is. A high deck requires the knees to bend more to reach the underside of the deck and bent knees will be splayed out closer to the shears. A really low deck with straight knees requires knee hooks closer to the kayak centerline.

A cambered deck, typical of CLC, makes for slippery knee support because it slopes up in the direction the knees squeeze. Foam knee hooks (really thigh supports) are necessary to lock the kness in place. So I would add the foam and shape it to my thighs then trim the coaming ears to my liking. A really short legged person might then have trouble getting their knees up to your pads but, hey, it is your kayak.

A rolling recess typical in many strip designs creates lower and more flat areas for the knees and thighs and offers support with little or no padding. However with a little foam the interiors become the same. (The coaming in back is lower but the interiors are the same.)

My cockpit openings on both my kayaks are 33" x 19", a little longer than shown on my CLC plans, to accopmodate my long legs. However the width of the ears vary because of radically differrent deck heights. I plan on keeping the associated rim outside dimensions the same on all my kayaks to standardize my skirt sizes. Number three is in planning and it will fit the same skirt.

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