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Posted by LeeL on Nov 1, 2004

Hi Mac:

I mounted a Ritchie surface mount Compass on a wooden mount which I made myself. I used a drill and cut a small hole in the center of the block of wood and secured it to a scrap of wood so it would rotate around the bolt and using this jig cut the outline of the block. I then switched to a rounding over bit and rounded the top edge. I then flipped it over and cut another circle about 1/2" less in radius, 1/4" deep, on the underside, then used the router to clean out the remaining wood to the center. I then went to the kayak and placed it between the cockpit and front bulkhead. Once in poition it needs to be leveled. Once you have it level use a pencil to trace the contour of the deck onto the mount. I then used a Dremel tool and sanding drum to contour the lower edges. I then epoxied the mount in place and also filled the center hole.

The compass and a chart and/or map is about all you would really need for navigation except it's also necessary to know how to use them and for that I'd strongly suggest that you get a copy of "Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation" by David Burch. This is a paperback and probably available online.

Once you can navigate by chart and compass a GPS unit makes a good back up. A basic handheld unit will be good enough.

Happy Paddling,


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