Re: Hip foam + back band?

Posted by LeeG on Nov 1, 2004

the wood hip braces are the best place to attach the back band. If they're glued/filleted/glassed in to withstand a persons body weight getting knocked sideways then they're strong enough to anchor a backband. It works for every other production kayak out there. I had always connected them with a screw and nut through the hipbrace but on one kayak the hipbrace was a 5" wide rectangular piece that had three 1" slots cut into it then glassed. No hardware required, just route the webbing through the slots. I noticed on a couple kayaks where the backband was attached to the sheerclamp and the #8screw wasn't sealed there was enough accumlation of water in the sheerclamp that it showed up as a stain on the outside panel.

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