Re: bulkhead too short

Posted by Mark Camp on Nov 1, 2004

Thanks, Tom. Similar to what Mac said, so that gives some confidence. The only thing different is, I already had planed about half of the extra height from the port sheer when I stopped and started thinking. So, I will take 1/8 inch off the starboard sheer to match the port side, then build up the bulkhead as you did to make up the other 1/8 inch. Then I will figure out how bad the sheerline is screwed up, and I will think of something to do about it later.

All this has taken some of the fun out of building a boat. But it does teach patience, persistence, repair skills, and most importantly, forgiveness. (That last part I struggle with a little :-)

In Response to: Re: bulkhead too short by Tom M. (MD) on Nov 1, 2004