Re: bulkhead too short

Posted by Mac on Nov 1, 2004


As you can still get to the bulkhead, I would epoxy scrap pieces to the side that will be hidden by the deck (if ya know whatt I mean). These pieces can then be shaped to the proper height and curve. If your sharpie is anything like a kayak, the bulkhead helps to shape the deck and provides major support to same.

If the gap is axactly 1/4 inch over the whole span (from shear to shear) think of adding a strip of 1/4inch ply about 2" wide in a "T" shape accross the existing bulkhead. I know of at least one designer who makes his deck braces this way.

Only my 2 cents.

Wait for more knowledgeable suggestions from Sharpie builders before deciding on this important step.

All the best.

In Response to: bulkhead too short by Mark Camp on Nov 1, 2004