bulkhead too short

Posted by Mark Camp on Nov 1, 2004

Hi. Am building John's Sharpie. Have installed bulkheads and sheer clamps. While smoothing down the sheers, I noticed that the forward bulkhead is too short by 1/4 in.

Any suggestions on what to do? I think if I do nothing, then the deck will sit on the sheers but it will not rest on the bulkhead, except at the midline of the boat where the deck camber will cause contact, nor on the carlins. There will be a 1/4 in. gap elsewhere.

I started to plane down the sheers to agree with the too-short bulkhead, but realized that this could be creating other complications, such as the ruining the fairness of the sheer. And it might be better to do the opposite, ie, build up the bulkhead height, including the slots where the carlins sit.

(Couldn't figure out how to attach a photo, sorry; it would be easier to explain if you could see the picture).