Re: clc grab handle mod.

Posted by LeeG on Oct 30, 2004

you won't find a loop of rope on any commercial sea kayak as it's got problems with entrapping your hands should you grab one end in the surf and the kayak twists over with your hand in the loop,,also it's not comfortable for carrying as you discovered. Most manufactureres use some variation of a toggle. If you're going to carry a kayak a distance with another person then a long loop of tie down strap doubled over your shoulder to the toggle works well. Everything from a 1/2" ID PVC pipe to a wooden dowel works fine for a toggle with a 3/8" hole in the center to pass two ends of a 3/16" line through, knotted on the inside or other side. OceanKayak/Necky makes some very comfy toggles.

In Response to: clc grab handle mod. by Craig Robinson on Oct 30, 2004