Re: Creating a Cambered D

Posted by Dave Houser on Oct 28, 2004


You are correct that shear clamps are needed to install cambered decks. The limitation of a cambered deck is it can be tortured only so much for the deck peak to curve between the bow and the cockpit. Some faceted designs have quite a lot of curve along the deck peak that just cannot be done with a cambered deck. So to change from a faceted deck to a cambered deck it is likely the sides will have to be heightened were the deck sweeps up to the bow, the bow will have to be lowered, or both to straighten the deck peak.

R = [h^2+(c/2)^2]/(2h)

r = deck radius, h = height of deck peak above shears, c = cord distance (kayak width between shears)

If you use this equation at several station locations, I am sure you will find the radius will not be constant and adjustments to the sides and/or bow will be needed.

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