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Posted by FrankP on Oct 28, 2004

Yeah, in a perfect world you would recover your labor costs. Unfortunately for Nate he isn't selling boats as a business, he's selling boats to "get rid of them" which means, he isn't really in a position to be demanding a certain price if nobody is willing to buy at that price. Most people who go shopping for a wooden boat are willing to pay a considerable amount of money, but they are generally looking at professional builders. Anything you buy from a private individual is "gently used" no matter how good it looks. And with that two word phrase, resale value drops radically.

Sure Nate can ask for $1500 (I would recommend settling somewhere between $800 and $1000 per boat) but most people just won't part with that kind of money for a used boat, even kayak enthusiasts. It's too easy to get a tupperware boat for a few hundred bucks.


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