Re: Bulkhead radius good

Posted by mick allen on Oct 27, 2004

(cut) Mounting the sheerclamp 1/4" high (proud) of the side panel takes into account and raises the cut but it still occures a little

i wonder if mounting the sheerclamp 1/2" proud (and therefore dkbeam) in the ctr area would eliminate/reduce the problem.

(cut)The curve in the side of the hull doesn't continue to the ends(cut)

a simple semi-ok way of dealing with this (getting more curvature toward the ends) is to have a deck beam(s) or inside(or o/s) form toward the ends, or a predetermined/preshaped deck piece, or a panel deck(as that's predetermined), or shaping/thinning the sheerclamps out toward the ends. (that's if that is what is desired)

this design aspect is one of the reasons that some of the lesser plyak designs (this is a clc site, so i'm thinking of others) look so hokey (from above almost look like 2 triangles back to back) and also why i dislike the shapes of some greenland kayaks where the designer lets the wood bend characteristics determine the design somewhat. -mick

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