Re: Bulkhead radius good

Posted by LeeG on Oct 27, 2004

The angle of the deck/hull is steepest at the deck beam. Planing into the sheerclamp also cuts down into the 4mm side panel a little. Mounting the sheerclamp 1/4" high (proud) of the side panel takes into account and raises the cut but it still occures a little and requires removing 1/4" of sheerclamp forward of that point. Prior to the Chesapeakes the sheerclamp was mounted flush to the side panel with the dip being more accentuated at the deck beam and it was not as noticable. Regarding your point that a bend does not continue to the end of a piece,,that's why quite a few top mounted front hatches leaked before the hatch rings were added,,the seal at the side of the hatch wasn't as tight as the ends. That's the challenge in making flush hatches on bent decks without making them out of doubled 4mm ply. The consequences of the curve not continueing to the end also manifests itself when going from a ply design program to a construction using preglued sheerclamps. The curve in the side of the hull doesn't continue to the ends as you described with one little strip. The curve of the side panel flattens out near the ends. The consequences of that is the keeline flattens out, the curve in the rocker changes in that last 3' or so. I saw this when making my own 18'x21" s&g as the ends started looking a little like the chesapeake and Northbay,,although the total rocker was still greater the curve in the rocker kind of straightened out because the plywood was cut for a particular designed curve on the computer,,since the sheerclamp is a lot stiffer than your little strip or the 4mm ply that lack of curve took the wood somewhere,,it went into a deeper v which took the some of the designed rocker out in the ends.

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