Re: Bulkhead radius good

Posted by LeeG on Oct 26, 2004

1. your assumption that the radius is constant is a reasonable and common one. The drawing at the bottom of this link would support that assumption as I recall it was a common tech call.

2. I have heard from some folks that planing the sheerclamps to a straightline chord of the arc and not a curve is desirable as a way to reduce the inevitable gap beyond the ring nails. The planing guides are a nice kit addition but they imply a degree of precision that the construction technique doesn't require. Prior to the introduction of the guides the deck beam was utilized for planing the sheerclamps at foredeck with the rest done by eye. That worked fine too. Since the side panel gets cut into at the deck beam there develops a dip (around 1/8") in the sheer that most folks ignore as it dissapears behind a rub rail or a filled area that is rounded over blends into the rest of the sheer. When the deck beams were shallower in the Cape Charles, the 'dip' is less significant,,as the deck beams got tighter the cut into the sheer at the deck beam becomes more noticable,,,for those being instructed to make things "fair" you might want to continue planing that dip out.

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