Re: How do we compare?

Posted by Mac on Oct 26, 2004


I guess the best way is to go to a place where a large number of kayakers have gathered, and the boats include S&G, Strip Built, and fiberglass and:

1: Ask to try different models

2: Have a race

3: Talk to folk

Performance is a highly subjective term, and means something different to every kayaker. Is a Pax 20 more performant than a SOF? Depends on the application - straight ahead speed or manuverability. I doubt if these two boats would ever be reviewed in the same article though, and BOTH would fail a cargo capacity test.

That's why we end up with a fleet after a few years if we can afford it. Look at the variety Richard has collected for a recent example.

I've only built one kayak so far, and can't wait to try at least two more types. I can't afford a fleet of cars, but maybe an armada of these delightful little boats........

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