Re: Bulkhead radius bad?

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 25, 2004

Howard & King,

If the deck is meant to curve in 2 dimensions (camber + fore/aft) that would certainly explain the gap above the forward bulkhead. It would also explain why builders find putting the deck on so difficult. The plywood is actively fighting them. I'll have to check my plans again. My memory is that in profile the forward deck line is straight, but that could just be my preconceptions working.

It still doesn't explain why the bulkhead's radius is what it is. If the deck does go down below the the straight line, that should flatten the camber and require that the bulkhead have a greater radius than the nominal camber, not lesser. I suspect that someone was seriously counting on epoxy's gap-filling properties in the pre-CAD days and that the design may not have been updated since.

Either way, the bulkhead's in place in my boat so I'll deal with it. But I'll wait until I've dry-fitted the deck a few times before I add any wood to it (if then).

Thanks to all for the words of wisdom,


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