Re: Bulkhead radius bad?

Posted by Howard on Oct 24, 2004


i cannot speak exactly to why the radius of the bulkhead you are measuring is greater than 16"...however, your assumption, that by drawing a straight line between your bow and cockpit deckbeam, that you should touch all the intermediate points is not correct.

the reason for that is that the chesapeakes have "spring" in their sheer line...that is...the bow is is not a simple cone.

so if you were looking at the boat from a side elevation...the sheer line falls below the straight line coming from, say a point on the hull at the the cockpit drawn to the tip of the bow. so your deck needs to follow this sweep as well...less it look like a cone...which is not particularly pretty.

while it is not critical to get the deck all the way down to the should be able to easily get it to within 1/4 inch with some straps or a buddy applying some pressure on the deck at the bulkhead while you nail each side. what little gap that remains can be filled with woodflour-thickened epoxy.

hope this helps


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