Re: Bulkhead radius bad?

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 24, 2004

Great picture, Mick! I'm not sure if I dare ask.

The radius I was talking about is the the transverse radius of curvature of the deck, the deck camber. The three different supports (fore and aft deckbeams and forward bulkhead) should all match, but only 2 out of 3 do. The gap between the top of the bulkhead and the bottom of the pipe is unrelated to the camber since it is at the top of the bulkhead. It's the ones on the sides that are caused by the bulkhead radius not matching the deck camber.


Interesting to see that you had a similar problem. I am intending to drop an e-mail to CLC about this, but they're closed today, so I thought I'd see what the collective mind had to say about it.

Have a good one, all,


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