sleepy feet

Posted by Howard on Oct 24, 2004


over the last month of experimenting, i finally found a way to alleviate my own personnal issue of sleepy feet using a happy bottom pad.

i take the two widths (about an 1 1/2 inch) of the seat material that came with the boat and prop up the front of the happy bottom seat by putting the material right under the front edge of the happy bottom seat.

getting the seat to tilt up like this made a big and immediate difference in my comfort.

fwiw...when i compared the angle that the seat now tilted up... with my car's driver seat (that is pretty comfortable for long drives) the angle was about the same.

anyway...hope this tip can help you avoid the sleepy legs.


In Response to: Re: Fixing the seat by Doug Judd on Oct 24, 2004