Re: Bulkhead radius bad?

Posted by mick allen on Oct 24, 2004

looks like the radius is actually increasing (ht decreasing, curvature decreasing, therefore radius/diam increasing). at some region where the curvature in one dimension gets small, curvature in another becomes possible - especially over a long distance like to the end of a deck. and as the arc length is also getting small, the possibility is even increased. (there may be a slight, tho maybe irrelevant, inconsistency if the most forward beam returns to the orig. curvature.)

so carefully try cinching down the ctr and see how small the gap can go if at all. and then prefit the b/h. if it looks like you can do more, why not shave the b/h down for a really curvaceous front deck?

be careful that don't change hull/rocker shape if clamping is severe. maybe use outside shape form for the ctr clamp to reduce side loading of the panel.

plywood can be curvaceous.


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