Re: Paddle Weight?

Posted by FrankP on Oct 22, 2004

Good question. I have no idea of the answer though, because I don't have a scale, and I still have a little work to do on all of them. I need to shape the shaft and blades on my wooden paddle, and finish shaping the blades on my daughter's wooden paddle. Once that is finished I believe they will be comparable in weight to any commercial wooden paddle. So I'm guessing somewhere around 33-35 ounces. Obviously my daughter's will be substantially less weight since the blades aren't as large and the shaft is shorter.

I think the CF will likely come in a bit less than 30, but that is really a guess now, based on a comparison with the weight of the wood paddles. All the paddles have fairly small blades (mine are about 6" x 18" and Katie's are 5"x14") since I'm not really looking to crank distance or speed, and that will substantially decrease the weight I think.

I've found so far the biggest issue I have with the wooden paddles is the drastic feel that all the weight is in the blades. That makes for some tiring work, and I can see myself using the CF a lot (especially on longer trips) because of that. Most of the weight of the CF is actually in the shaft, so it's far less tiresome to swing.


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