Re: Getting closer...

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 22, 2004

Ditto to what Craig said about painting indoors. I do it with standard enamels, ventilation and a good, full-face respirator. I'm particularly leery of two-part paints indoors, as in "wait 'til spring and do outside."

A trick I learned from one of the other builders (Charlie, maybe) to slow down the epoxy on warm days or indoors is to cool the epoxy in a small cooler with ice, before and after I mix it. I particularly like this for mixing fillet filler, as I can't seem to get this on as quickly as I can squeegee on straight epoxy. Placing a beer can in the cooler helps even more after you're done, tired and admiring your work.

One time I mixed up my usual 3 oz. and heard the phone ring. I walked inside and shoved the epoxy in the freezer and promptly forgot about it. By the next day it was VERY slow epoxy.


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