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Posted by FrankP on Oct 20, 2004

LeeG, I haven't actually paddled the boat yet so I couldn't say if it has affected anything.

For advice purposes I will tell people not to stitch a boat in a room where you only have a few inches of clearance on either end. I had no effective method of sighting down the boat length. That's not entirely true...after I saw the twist and reported it, several people here offered the suggestion of using a mirror which I wasn't smart enough to figure out for myself.

I think a lot of it was lack of stitches as well. I did the tape thing first and had some miserable results (because I removed the tape too soon) so I ended up adding some stitches (maybe 6-10 on each seam) but I probably should have added more. So I guess my second piece of advice would be, make sure your epoxy is cured before removing your stitches or tape.


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