Re: uncured epoxy - help!

Posted by RogerJ on Oct 20, 2004

I dunno, at this point I would try to scrape the area to get all the uglies off. I don't recall where you are or what the temperatures are like, but if it is cooler try some shop lights. The cheap ones that use regular incandescent bulbs, go for the highest wattage bulb it is rated for. Some are 100W, some 150W, some only 60W, go for 100/150. Keep themoff the epoxy but close enough to warm it. Keep them on over night when it's cooler. Again, be careful not to let them touch anything flamable, keep that stuff safely away. See if that helps. Best RogerJ

In Response to: uncured epoxy - help!! by Kathrine on Oct 19, 2004